Supermodel Claudia Schiffer Takes Controversial Photos That Make Her Look Like A Black Woman, An Asian Woman & A Man For German Magazine!

German designer Karl Lagerfeld and '90s-era catwalk maven Claudia Schiffer team up for the 60th anniversary issue of European magazine Stern Fotografie which hit newsstands in Germany this week. The issue features a coveted portfolio of Karl Lagerfeld's work - including recent photos of his beloved Claudia . There are six covers available for fashion fans to choose from: each showing Claudia styled as a different type of woman: the sexy secretary, the androgynous youth, the slutty vamp, and Marie Antoinette. But at least two portrayals are raising more than a few eyebrows: Asian Claudia and Black Claudia, who is wearing an Afro and dark makeup.

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