08-19-2017 EXECUTION

Death By Firing Squad (1945)

Two prisoners are taken out of lorry by American Military Police and brought to execution spot - two poles. Two lines of coffins are seen on each side. One of the prisoners is tied to a pole. Firing squad march in. They fire, the man drops on ground. Another prisoner is tied to pole, firing squad fires and dead man drops on ground. The soldiers remove him and bring another prisoner. Firing squad march off and are replaced by another firing squad for further executions. More shots of the men being executed in the same way. Executed men are placed in coffins.

Notes: This footage could include the execution of 2 Hitler youths, aged just 16 and 17. This article about it was in the newspaper: "Two Hitler youths, aged 16 and 17, have been executed by an Allied firing squad for espionage against American forces in the Aachen area. The boys, Heinz Petry and Josef Schoner, who were caught hiding in, a foxhole on February 22, near Birdgen, told the court they had been confined in a military camp and were offered a chance to clear their characters by reporting on American troop movements" FILM ID:2149.09

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