08-12-2017 DOG

Cooking Dog Meat On the Streets

Africa food includes chicken, turkey, beef, even bush meat are all eaten ... but what about dog meat? BattaBox heads out to one roadside barbecue where they are cooking a local speciality - dog meat. "It tastes like goat meat," says Tunde, the Nigerian cook who has been running the business since January. "I don't feel anyhow when I am killing the dog." Tunde and his friends kill the dog and then wash and clean the meat before chopping it up to put in the big pot and charcoal grill to sell for customers in Badagry, just outside of Lagos. Dog meat is most commonly eaten in Calabar and Ondo state - but, says Tunde, it is a fast becoming a national delicacy and that Badagry should "win an award" for the amount of dog meat they now eat. Dog meat in Nigeria is often nick-named "404" after the Peugeot 404 and the dog's ability to run fast. Different parts of the dog are named after different parts of the car - for example, the hind leg is called the "Gear Shift" and the intestines called the "Steering Wheel."

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