07-12-2017 MTV

MTV Refused to Air Black Musicians In The 80s... But Yall Still Wanna Be Stuntin At The BET Awards

MTV is owned by the same people that own BET, Viacom. In case you didn't know, BET is no longer a black owned television network. It might as well be called WET, because it's owned by Viacom... and of course Viacom isn't owned by black people. By the way, BET's head of marketing is a flaming gay black dude named Steven Hill. According to Grandmixer DXT, MTV refused to air black musicians in the 80s because of Viacom's inherent racism. Grandmixer DXT is known as a pioneering DJ during the early stages of hip-hop. In an in-depth interview with Murder Master Music Show, Grandmixer DXT claims MTV hadn’t aired black musicians in the 80s due to widespread racism at the time.

Grandmixer DXT recently finished his work on the score of the upcoming HBO special, Defiant Ones. He was in Herbie Hancock’s Rockit Band. But, back in the late 1980s, DXT experienced racism from "everyone at MTV." According to him, Viacom’s MTV refused to air black people in videos at the time.

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