07-01-2017 TAY-K

17-Year-Old Rapper Tay-K 47 Arrested In Jersey After Catching Two Bodies! (Shot This Music Video While On The Run!)

A 17-year-old fugitive suspected in a spate of violent crimes, including two capital murders and the brutal attack on and robbery of a man taking a walk in an Arlington park, was arrested in New Jersey, officials confirm. Taymor McIntyre, known locally as rapper "Tay-K 47," had been on the run since late March, when he cut off his ankle monitor while under house arrest in connection with the Mansfield robbery and fatal shooting of 21-year-old Ethan Walker. Richard Walker, Ethan's father, expressed relief that McIntyre had been captured. "I'm glad that as of right now he's not going to hurt anybody else and that now it's his time for justice," Walker said. McIntyre fled just days before a hearing in which prosecutors were seeking to have the then 16-year-old certified as an adult in the Mansfield capital murder case.On Friday afternoon, the U.S. Marshal's office said McIntrye was arrested about 2 p.m. Eastern Standard Time in Elizabeth, New Jersey. He was arrested without incident and is being held there pending his extradition to Texas, the news release states.

On Monday, the U.S. Marshal's office had released McIntyre's name and photographs, calling him a "violent fugitive" wanted on capital murder charges and asking for the public's help in locating him. The marshal's office, however, declined to provide details about the case in which McIntyre stands accused, likely because he was still a juvenile when the alleged crime took place. Texas law prevents law enforcement officers from publicly identifying juveniles accused of crimes. Law enforcement sources, however, have confirmed to the Star-Telegram that McIntyre is suspected in a San Antonio killing that occurred after he fled house arrest and the May 25 attack on and robbery of 65-year-old Skip Pepe in Cravens Park in Arlington. "We are on cloud nine," Barbara Pepe said on hearing news of McIntyre's arrest Friday. “This has just lifted the black cloud that has been following us." Pepe, in an earlier interview, had called McIntyre a “loose cannon." "... He's involved in a lot. This kid is like the hood of all hoods at 17 years old. It just blows me away."

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