08-25-2017 URBAN

Mixed Race Hair, Taye Diggs Bi-Racial Son, Charlottesville [Urban Logic Show]

Subscribe http://goo.gl/eYqMEB - Is mulatto hair hard to maintain? Do mixed race people go through "the struggle" or do they have it hard like everyone else in the world? Do bi-racial people suffer from racial identity issues? Taye Diggs comes out the closet and wants his son to be called 'Mixed,' not Black. White Supremacists featured in the VICE/HBO documentary about the madness and devastation that went down in Charlottesville, VA. Urban Logic Show is an Original ILP Podcast based out of Akron, OH, hosted by Rudy Ray and the occasional guest. In this podcast, Rudy covers various trending topics in the world, while adding his own opinions and values. Some of the topics we cover will make you laugh, while others may make you cringe. Subscribe to the podcast to stay up to date on the latest episodes.

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