11-07-2017 INDEPENDENT

What Does Independent Mean? (Music Business Advice For Independent Artists)

What does it mean to be independent? Are you an independent artist? Do you have an independent label? If you follow all the rules in my book, you may have several record labels calling your phone looking to sign you or your act. Being independent is really a blessing, if you are fortunate enough to be able to generate monthly revenue from your music and pay your bills. Any record deal that you sign will come with some sort of compromise. If you aren’t willing to compromise, then you shouldn’t get into agreements with other people and other businesses. When you are independent, you really cannot fail. Any profit made, is a win. You become somewhat of a slave to the label when you owe them millions of dollars. I personally would not want to owe anyone millions, unless I was 100% sure that I could generate it back. Think about this. Would you rather take $2 million dollars and owe someone, or would you rather earn $2 million dollars on your own time and not owe anyone? This is what you must consider before signing a record deal. Are you mentally in the position to handle a large amount of money and is your brand strong enough to make the labels investment in you worthwhile? You must think about this before you sign a deal because if things don’t go as planned, you could end up at the record label’s mercy. You have to use your best judgment before signing a recording contract. Upon signing a record deal, you are typically giving up rights and control of your music. Usually you give up a percentage of control in your master recordings, copyright, publishing and often times, you may be giving up some creative control. Record companies aren’t just giving you money because they like you, they are loaning you money to create a project, with hopes of them earning a profit on the money they loaned you. If you ever hear an artist say, “they got an advance”, that means that a record label loaned that artist some money to produce new projects. New pressure also comes with signing with a major label. If you don’t live up to the expectations of your success, it may compromise your brand.

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Written by Prestley Snipes

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