11-27-2017 HIT

What Happens When You Make A Hit Song???

When you make a hit song and the money starts rolling in, the integrity of you and your team will be put on the line. When you gain traction and momentum, your phone will start ringing nonstop. All of a sudden, everyone will want to jump on the bandwagon and be part of your success. People who you probably never thought you’d be in contact with, will start reaching out to you, hoping to get a piece of the small fortune that you are about to accumulate. People will try to pull you in every direction possible, so it’s best that you and your team stay grounded. Don’t make yourself so easily accessible either.

This is the audio version of Chapter 14 from my book "How To Make It In The Music Business: Using Social Media Marketing To Build A Large Following". Check out my book "How To Make It In The Music Business: Using Social Media Marketing To Build A Large Following", I give several tips and advice, which will help you to market and build your brand. The book will teach you how to successfully start marketing your brand online. The book covers all aspects of being successful in online branding, not just the music business. Various topics are covered such as: Starting an LLC, Getting Your Music in All Digital Music Stores, Social Media Marketing, 360 Record Deals and Contracts, Entertainment Lawyers, Split Sheets, Online Marketing, Advertising and Going Viral, Publishing, Building Successful YouTube Channels and Gaining Millions of Subscribers, Going RIAA Gold & Platinum, Getting Major Record Deals, Starting a Record Label, Publishing Deals, Royalties, PROs, Instagram & Twitter Marketing, How To Properly Use Social Media, The Rise of Streaming Music and More! Learn how to stay relevant in the New Age Digital Music & Entertainment Business by reading this book!

Written by Prestley Snipes

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