10-11-2017 SHOT

Dumb Young College Bitch Gets Shot For Trying To Run Over Police!

Dumb bitch. A student from Temple University was shot and killed by police in Miami Beach after the car she was driving struck an officer in what appeared to be an attempt to flee the scene of an accident.

Philly.com identified the student as 22-year-old Cariann Hithon. "We are saddened to just be learning of the death of Cariann Hithon, a transfer student majoring in political science," said Temple spokesman Brandon Lausch in an email to Philly.com on Monday night. "As we gather more information and assess our community's needs for support, we send our thoughts and prayers to her family and friends."

Hithon, of Bowie, Md., was driving a black BMW with a male passenger on Sunday when she struck two vehicles, according to the Miami Herald. Her vehicle then ran a red light and crashed into a vehicle driven by a retired homicide detective.

As a crowd gathered around the crashed BMW, the vehicle sped forward and struck an officer. Another officer then fired three shots into the vehicle, and it came to a stop down the street. Hithon was taken to a hospital and pronounced dead.

An eyewitness captured video of the incident as it played out. This video contains graphic content. Police said the officer struck by the BMW "lost consciousness at the scene" and was in stable condition at a hospital with a head injury and possible internal injuries. Hithon's father told the Miami Herald that she recently transferred from Hampton University in Virginia to Temple University and expected to graduate with a degree in political science this spring. Hithon then planned to attend law school.

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