10-03-2017 PLATINUM

Going PLATINUM with Streams!!!

The RIAA will now recognize your song as Gold, Platinum or Diamond, depending on how many streams that your song or album accumulates. In the past, only physical and digital download sales were accepted by the RIAA. Now, the RIAA takes streaming numbers in to account. You can now receive an RIAA Award for streams! Check out the list I made below to see how many streams it will take you to go Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

150 streams = 1 Song Download ($0.99-$1.29 Equivalent)
1500 streams = 1 Album Sale (10 Tracks / $9.99 Equivalent)

75,000,000 Million Streams = 500,000 Singles Sold (RIAA Gold)
750,000,000 Million Streams = 500,000 Albums Sold (RIAA Gold)
150,000,000 Million Streams = 1 Million Singles Sold (RIAA Platinum)
1,500,000,000 Billion Streams = 1 Million Albums Sold (RIAA Platinum)
1,500,000,000 Billion Streams = 10 Million Singles Sold (RIAA Diamond)
15,000,000,000 Billion Streams = 10 Million Albums Sold (RIAA Diamond)

If you go RIAA Platinum on YouTube, you will receive = $103,500
If you go RIAA Platinum on Spotify, you will receive = $655,550
If you go RIAA Platinum on Apple Music, you will receive = $1,102,500

If you go Platinum in Music Downloads you will receive = $990,000 if you sell your single for $1.29 & $690,000 if you sell for $0.99

Written by Prestley Snipes

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