09-23-2017 MUSIC

How To Be A One Hit Wonder

Nearly half of all musicians that created a chart hit in the half-century in between 1955 and 2005 never did so again – 47.5 percent, to be exact. The “one hit wonder” is an artist who makes a hit song, that reaches the music charts, then after their initial success, they never are able to outdo their prior success by making another hit song. Depending on how big the hit song is, you may never need to make another hit song. There are plenty of artists still touring due to hit songs that they’ve made years and years ago. All you need is one good song, and you could be receiving royalties for the rest of your life. The goal of getting in the music business is to have a catalog of hit songs. Not just one hit song. True success in the music business, is having a large catalog of successful records under your belt. That is the ultimate end goal in this business.

Written by Prestley Snipes

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