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How To Make It In The Music Business [Trailer #2]

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Read my book "How To Make It In The Music Business: Using Social Media Marketing To Build A Large Following" for Music Business advice which will help you succeed!

This book will teach you how to successfully start marketing your brand online. This book covers all aspects of being successful in online branding, not just the music business. Various topics are covered such as: Starting an LLC, Getting Your Music in All Digital Music Stores, Social Media Marketing, 360 Record Deals and Contracts, Entertainment Lawyers, Split Sheets, Online Marketing, Advertising and Going Viral, Publishing, Building Successful YouTube Channels and Gaining Millions of Subscribers, Getting Major Record Deals, Starting a Record Label, Publishing Deals, Royalties, PROs, Instagram & Twitter Marketing, How To Properly Use Social Media, The Rise of Streaming Music and More! Learn how to stay relevant in the New Age Digital Music & Entertainment Business by reading this book!

Ousala is a Grammy Nominated Songwriter and Publisher from Brooklyn, NY. He is the author of "How To Make It In The Music Business: Using Social Media Marketing To Build A Large Following". Ousala started his career in entertainment as a filmmaker and was titled “most depraved director in New York” by NY Daily News after producing the controversial "Criminals Gone Wild" documentary in 2007. In 2008, Ousala contributed in the production of The History Channel show, “Gangland”. Ousala began working in the music industry as an artist manager and publisher in 2011. Within three years, Ousala's first artist management project became a huge success. By 2014, Ousala secured his artist a major publishing deal as well as a major recording deal after co-writing a #1 Billboard hit song, which was later Nominated for a Grammy Award. In 2016, Ousala was honored at the 29th Annual ASCAP Rhythm And Soul Music Awards for "Tuesday", which was among the top ASCAP songs on the 2015 year-end charts. Ousala's work has appeared in The Washington Post, New York Magazine, The Fader, XXL, The Source, Mass Appeal, among others; he has also appeared as a guest on Fox News programs including "The O'Reilly Factor", "Geraldo At Large", CNN's "Out In The Open with Rick Sanchez" and HBO documentary "Noisey: Atlanta".

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