08-22-2017 KEAK

Rapper Keak Da Sneak Shot Multiple Times in Richmond, CA!

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- A popular rap artist was shot multiple times at a Richmond gas station at this morning. Richmond Police say someone shot rapper Keak Da Sneak, whose given name is Charles Williams. The artist is in stable condition.

Police do not have a suspect or getaway vehicle description, but they do have surveillance video and they're going through it. Keak Da Sneak is well known for his contribution to E-40's "Tell Me When to Go." Richmond Police say the shooting happened at 5:30 a.m. at a gas station on Carlson Boulevard and Imperial Avenue. A police spokesperson said someone shot Williams multiple times in his upper torso. Police are still investigating the motive and say there were few witnesses.

"What we know is he was most likely targeted and it wasn't a random shooting and it kind of underscores the fact that the person who did this was intending to probably take his life because you don't just shoot multiple times at a person not intending for the person to die," said Lt. Felix Tan with the Richmond Police Department.

Richmond Police say Keak Da Sneak had a show in Oakland Sunday night. As part of their investigation, police say they are looking into what if any ties he had in Richmond.

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