03-29-2017 BRAZIL

Brazilian Gangsters Shoot Man In The Head and Chop His Body Up Over Turf War! [Warning: Very Graphic]

In a video that's gone viral on Brazilian social media, the mental and moral squalor of favela violence displayed in all its disgusting details. Young men establishing territory execute an older victim and then butcher him into quarters in a manner normally found in the most extreme prison retribution. Their purpose is clear from the testament they extract from their vicitm; to terrorize the locals into submission before the newcomer's assertions of power and dominance.

An unpaid debt is the ostensible cause of their street justice but as criminals invariably slander their victims, they attempt to justify their own bestial crime by darkly suggesting that their victim was a pedophile due for extreme punishment. This video went viral on Brazilian social media on February 16, 2017.

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