06-06-2017 GUCCI

Gucci Mane Wife Making Him Seem Real Lame! (Got A Reality Show Coming To BET Now...SMH)

Damn. I remember when you had to wait months for the latest street DVD to see what Gucci Mane was doing. Now this dude getting married and his wife is showing waaaay too much of his life, as if he's some common rapper with no buzz, who needs attention. Gucci is too legendary for this shit. This Snapchat/reality show era is exposing too much of people's lives and it's ruining their brands and mystique. Just because everyone else is smoking crack, doesn't mean it's the right thing to do. Let's hope Gucci cuts his girl's internet off. She's irritating as shit. She seems like she's the only one who needs the attention, and it's all happening at Gucci's expense. The Gucci I know used to kick bitches out of moving vehicles.

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