05-28-2017 JOKER

The Joker Accused Of Pointing Gun At Drivers

The arrest of a man who resembled a Batman villain with stitched tattoos across his cheeks was no joking matter after police reported he aimed a loaded gun at drivers on Tuesday. Lawrence Sullivan, 29, was identified by police when they saw a man with green hair and face tattoos that matched the dispatcher's description.

According to a Miami-Dade police report, officials were sent out near the Hammocks Place Apartment complex after Sullivan was allegedly seen pointing a gun at passing vehicles. Sgt. J. Gomez approached Sullivan and asked him to place his hands on the patrol car and proceeded to pat him down, according to the police report. Sullivan told the officer, "I have a gun in my pocket," and Gomez retrieved a semi-automatic pistol from his pocket to find six rounds loaded, the police report states.

As Sullivan sat on the ground awaiting arrest he told police, "I don't have a permit 'cause it's too expensive," according to the police report. During a hearing on Wednesday morning, Sullivan told the judge that he now lives with his mother, The Miami Herald reports. His arrest affidavit lists his current profession as "tattoo model." Sullivan is being held on $5,000 bond at Turner Guilford Knight Correctional Center, according to the Miami-Dade Corrections. He was charged with carrying a concealed firearm.

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