04-17-2017 CLEVELAND

Cleveland Thug Gets 14 Years For Pistol Whipping Sneaker Robbery and Shooting In Broad Daylight!

The thug with the gun still hasn't been caught, but his homey who ran off with the shoes got sentenced to 14 year. Cellphone video shows a May 25, 2015 attack in which Cuyahoga County prosecutors say Roderick Rogers (white shirt) and another unidentified man followed the victim from a Foot Locker in downtown Cleveland to East 93rd Street and Union Avenue, then beat, pistol-whipped and shot at him during a robbery. Rogers was sentenced to 14 years in prison for his role in the attack.

A judge on Thursday sentenced a 28-year-old Rogers to 14 years in prison for the violent mid-day robbery and pistol-whipping near an elementary school that was captured on a cellphone video. Roderick Rogers, and a man who authorities have yet to identify, targeted the victim after watching him buy LeBron James sneakers at the Tower City Center Foot Locker on May 25, 2015. They followed him on an RTA bus to Cleveland's East Side and attacked him with a pistol, Assistant Cuyahoga County prosecutor Kelly Needham told O'Donnell Thursday.

Rogers, who was convicted in February of aggravated robbery, felonious assault, kidnapping and weapons charges, apologized to Cuyahoga County Judge John P. O'Donnell for the attack. "I made a bad decision," Rogers said, "but I'm really not a bad person." O'Donnell praised the courage of the witness to come to police with the video, which was pivotal in identifying Rogers.

Rogers and the other man saw the victim, who had just cashed his paycheck, pull out a wad of cash and pay for the shoes. They followed him on an RTA bus until he got off at East 93rd Street and Union Avenue. Rogers and the other man followed, and attacked him on the street at the busy intersection. The video shows cars driving by and women standing feet away as Rogers and the unidentified man punched, kicked and wrestled with the victim. Rogers body-slammed the victim to the ground, then the other attacker pulled a pistol and smacked it against the victim's head as they rifled through his pockets. The gunman then fired a shot toward the victim's legs.

The unidentified attacker finally ripped the wad of money out of the man's back pocket. The unidentified attacker fired another shot at the victim as he and Rogers made their escape. The gunshots forced a nearby charter elementary school into lockdown, Needham said.

Rogers took the Foot Locker bag. But the victim had put his new shoes on and his old shoes in the box, so Rogers ditched the shoes about a block from the attack, Needham said. Investigators received several anonymous tips through Cuyahoga County Crimestoppers identifying Rogers in the attack, but none identifying his accomplice, Needham said.

Rogers was on parole for a burglary conviction at the time of the attack. He fled to Michigan, Needham said. More than a year passed before police arrested him and charged him in the attack. He refused to identify the other assailant, Needham said. Rogers rejected plea deals that would have put him in prison for between 6 and 10 years, and instead took his case to trial.

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