04-14-2017 TUPAC

Tupac Cousin Says FUCK The 2Pac Movie!

Tupac Cousin William Lesane say's "DON'T SUPPORT TUPAC MOVIE!" Afeni Shakur didn't have anything to do with this Tupac Biopic. In Fact, she settled the case for her best interest. Afeni Shakur attorneys told her, part of the deal was a gag-order. Afeni Shakur or the Shakur Family is not to speak bad about movie publicly, that was apart of the deal. Afeni Shakur attorneys told her she can't keep fighting with a billion dollar company "Morgan Creek Productions" because it will cost too much, so she settled. Edi and Noble choose to work with LT Hutton and Morgan Creek because they got paid. But Kastro, Napoleon and the rest of the Outlawz chose to be loyal to Afeni Shakur and refuse to accept money or be involved.

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