04-13-2017 MONKEY

Monkey Gets Attacked By Gang Of Angry Geese For Being In The Wrong Hood!

Egyptian Geese attack Baboon! We all know that geese are the "bouncers" of the bird world and know how to protect their territory, but watch how this hard as nails baboon doesn't bat an eyelid when attacked by two geese as he pushed through to get the prized egg meal. Colin Pretorius (47), Sales and Marketing Manager at Ngwenya Lodge, was sitting in his office in front of the Crocodile River when he noticed that the geese were sounding unsettled.

"I saw this baboon come bouncing along and realized the geese were distressed. I could see the baboon was on a mission and looked completely fearless. He was with a troop but was the only one that was determined to get to the eggs for a taste. This was his second attempt at trying to get to the nest. There are literally hundreds of Egyptian geese that have come and laid eggs in this area over the last few years so the breeding ground is a great place to grab a snack. The attempt paid off because he must have just decided that this time round he wasn’t going to be deterred.

It was an awesome sighting to see. This is my daily world and I love that I get to spend my days working in this environment".

Captured 25 July 2016 at Ngwenya Lodge.

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