04-13-2017 TAN

White Lady Addicted To Tanning Wants To Be a Crispy Brown Black Barbie!

Busty German glamour model Martina Big has shocked her fans with a new 'extreme tan' that has turned her fair skin to ‘dark crispy brown’ with just three tanning injections. The 28-year-old - who claims her size 32 S breasts are the biggest in Europe - has had tanning injections to turn her white Caucasian skin a deep shade of mahogany brown. And she has no plans of curbing her tanning addiction – Martina says that she wants even more of the melanin increasing injections and admits that she is still using a 50-tube sunbed in her home in Trier, Germany.

Videographer / director: Jesse Mickle Producer: Katie Mercer, Ruby Coote Editor: Sonia Estal

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