12-19-2016 AFRICA

The Life Of A Nigerian Prostitute

As much as prostitution is a taboo it is also the oldest profession in the world and the women in this video use the job as a means to feed, clothe and educate themselves and loved ones in Nigeria. Our presenter, Timothy, interviewed a young woman, Rukayat, who sells her body for naira in Lagos. BattaBox wanted to know. Why she prostitutes herself and if there is some other job she would rather be doing? Here is what Rukayat had to say...

"The person I gave birth for, as in, he don't use to do normal. No money for feeding, going to school that's why I am prossie...that's why I am doing runs, to take care of my baby," Rukayat calmly stated. A young lady that does Rukayat's nails and eyelashes on a regular basis, spoke about her good character and desire to change.

"Her husband is not responsible at all," the beautician says in Yoruba, "he doesn't pay attention to her. I know the kind of person she is. If she meets a guy that likes her, she will stop prostituting herself and settle down and live a better life," she added.

What do YOU think about prostitution? Do you think there is a safer, healthier way for young women in a difficult situation to earn a living in Nigeria?

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