12-17-2016 DOG

Crazy Pitbull Attacks Owner Then Gets Shot By Police!

Shelby, Ohio - Officers in Richland County saved a Shelby resident, who was attacked by his pit bull on Saturday night.

The Shelby Police Department received a 9-1-1 call about a reported dog attack on Joelynn Drive, where upon their arrival they saw the dog biting his owner's arm in the back room of the home.

One officer (John Reed) used his Taser on the dog to give the owner enough time to break free and get out of the room. The two officers tried to contain the dog in the bedroom, but weren't able to do so, because the door couldn't close due to renovations.

Once the officer stopped using the TASER, police said the dog recovered and began charging toward the door. The second officer (Cody Baker) then fired two rounds, which both struck and killed the dog instantly.

The victim was taken to Med Central Mansfield for additional treatment. He was then transferred to Columbus hospital for an unspecified surgery.

After a review of the incident and the officers' reports, the department deemed the shooting necessary.

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