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Watch What Happens When This Guy Scratches A Cheetah's Butt!

I was curious about the butt scratch reflex reaction of some domesticated house cats. While volunteering at Cheetah Experience, I had an opportunity to test the scratch reflex response of some Africa BIG and Small lesser cats. So I used my access to many of these African 'Wild' but tamed cats and tested the butt scratch test on them.

It's called erogenous areas on mammals; we have them too. I love my scalp gently scratched. In cats, there are certain areas that are more sensetive to touch than others. The main areas cats love scratched is the middle of the forehead, cheeks, jaw, lips, base of tail, and even in-between the paw pads. These are the areas that have scent glands and why they are more sensitive than other areas. But, a good grooming on the skin gives great feedback to all these cats.

The lumbar region is highly sensitive to touch for cats and dogs and some experts say NOT to touch your cat there or their rail and underbelly, but I think it depends on the animal. My personal feeling is the base of the tail provides some sexual stimulant because it is where female cats get mounted.

I've seen house cats mate and the male rubs that area with his body and back paws; rubbing up and down before copulation. I think the lumbar area is stimulated to relax the female before mating... because we know mating is painful for the female and she won't be as receptive if not soothed. Dogs have similar patterns of stimulation when mounting, both for dominance and mating. Makes sense to me that the area of the lumbar is stimulating and inviting to rub.

Male cats grabs the female on the scruff of the neck when mating to restrain and soothe her as well. Gripping the back of a cats neck is calming. Mothers grip their cubs necks when transporting them and the sensation relaxes the cubs so they don't struggle. Placing a large paper clip on the back of an adult cats neck makes them go limp. Same goes for the mating game as the female cat becomes aggressive due to the pain of the spiked penis of the male. A bite and pull to the neck releases endorphins and helps prevent the male from getting injured.

I have some theories about the dew claw as well... on both cats and dogs and the area where it grips the females when mating or aggressive dominance from dogs. But I'll save that for another day.

So, I test all these Big and Lesser African cats by scratching their lumber area and recording their responses. Lions, leopards, cheetahs, caracals, servals, and wild cats. I discovered the smaller lesser cats enjoyed it more than the Big cats... as you will see. But, I could not reproduce the crazy reaction some house cats get that you see in cat compilation videos that are so funny.

Enjoy! I'll continue testing other cats and individuals as I meet them. I also think the response to stimuli is based on the individual. Some of these wild cats did not like to be touched at all.

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