02-08-2017 BEYONCE

Beyonce Sued For $26 Million After Using Dead Gay Rapper's Voice In 'Formation' Song!

The 35-year-old mega-star is currently embroiled in a lawsuit for allegedly "stealing" content from dead rapper Messy Mya's (real name Anthony Barre) YouTube video, 'A 27 Piece Huh?' According to the claims, Beyonce took the sample and used it without permission (the sample starts from 00:40 - 00:44). The rapper's sister Angel Barre filed the suit on Monday, stating that the song takes his "voice, performance and words from his copyrighted works to create the tone, mood, setting and location of the New Orleans-themed 'Formation' video and audio recordings", The Advocate reports.

The song, from Queen Bey's 2016 album Lemonade, features Messy Mya saying: "What happened after New Orleans?" and "Bitch, I'm back. By popular demand." The rapper's estate is asking for $26 million in back royalties and other damages for using some of his final recorded words. The YouTube star was shot and killed in 2010 while leaving his girlfriend's baby shower.

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