01-28-2017 MOTHER

This Mother Was At The Wrong Place At The Wrong Time!

Seven months ago, a young Russian woman named Olga Klintsova, a mother of a little girl named Katya, was propping the door open to get the train with the child into the apartment building in the city of Murmansk where they live, but a concrete slab fell from the roof overhead, and smacked her hard in the head.

The CCTV camera located above the entrance to the building shows the slab knocking Olga Klintsova down, missing the child by mere inches. Two passersby are shown rushing to her aid and calling the emergency services.

After 7 months of various hospital treatments and physiotherapy, Olga was released to reunite with her daughter. A St. Petersburg judge awarded her 4 Million Rubles (about $60,000 US) in compensation, and found Andrey Kazakov – the head of the association that owns the building, guilty of negligence. He was sentenced to 2 years probation, and ordered to pay compensation to Ms. Klintsova.

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