01-25-2017 WORLDSTAR

Fuck WorldstarHipHop and Fuck Q! [Episode 3]

Q built Worldstar at the expense of other people. He stole, he used people, he plagiarized and he never paid homage or gave credit for his intellectual property thievery. He stole our 2007 movie "Criminals Gone Wild" and put it on his website for free. We lost hundreds of thousands of dollars because of him, and that's when we started ILP. He was greedy and he tried to monopolize hip hop, so we created an alternative outlet for artists. He then attempted to get us shut down on several occasions, when all we were trying to do was feed our family, and feed the culture. in my opinion, he would sell his own mother out for a dollar and would try to expose anyone, that he could. He's ruined many lives in his path to success and now ILP finally tells the truth about Q and WorldStar. This is an uncensored interview.

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