10-24-2016 POWERBALL

Girlfriend Won $188 Million Powerball But Boyfriend Gotta Go To Prison Because He Wanted To Be A Drug Kingpin

This idiot's girlfriend won the $188 million dollar Powerball jackpot. Instead of chilling out and taking a vacation, he decided to use her lottery winnings to supply the whole hood with heroin. He got busted and now he has to do a 7-year Federal prison sentence. What an idiot.

"Despite spending $21 million of her lottery winnings to bail her fiance out of jail, mother of four Marie Holmes must now face the fact that her partner, Lamarr, is leaving to serve his federal prison sentence. Lamarr's impending incarceration is devastating to Marie, who, with Iyanla's help, learns how an unresolved issue from her past is contributing to her current circumstances."

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