10-21-2016 JOOBA

Jooba Loc Talks Signing With Snoop Dogg At Carmelitos Housing Projects

@JoobaTheMenace is from Northside Long Beach and joined Brik Boy Crip when he was younger. We first met Jooba earlier this year in April along with his friend 50 Blue to talk about life on the lesser known Northside of Long Beach which is located just south of Compton.

The Brik Boy Crips originally formed in the Carmelitos Housing projects off of Atlantic & 52nd Street and that's were we met up with Jooba for this exclusive one-on-one.

Earlier this year while working his craft of rapping, he received the attention of Snoop Dogg which led to Snoop signing him to his Doggystyle records and Jooba just released a movie this week entitled "Only Way Out."

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