10-13-2016 NINO

Nino Brown Says DJ Khaled Is A Culture Vulture Who Stole His Whole Style

The fucked up part about being a ghost writer is.... The artist who displays your art gets the credit and publicity. U just receive the mailbox money for royalties every 3 months which is fine because picking up $50k or $100k out the mailbox unexpectedly feels good. But when someone jacks u for your swag and tries to overshadow u on a bigger platform, it will make u look like u are not the originator. Then when someone makes millions off imitating u , u will feel some type of way. Just as when them rich tourist go to Africa and steal ideas from the poor creators in Africa to bring the idea back to the US and make millions off it as if it they're own idea. The rich gets richer by stealing from the poor. The poor ppl are just creative thinkers that lack money to fund their ideas. It's a dirty game. But don't let your silence be your violence. I'm sick of making this nigga rich , when he is in position to put me in position. Especially when I am the reason he is in that position.

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