11-04-2016 OHIO

Cleveland Thug Wrestles With Cop Then Steals His Police Car!

Cleveland, Ohio - A video has been circulating the internet the past few days showing an unidentified man fighting a police officer then stealing his car.

An Oakwood Village Police officer initiated a traffic stop at around 11am on a vehicle that had come back stolen after running the license plate. The suspect attempted to flee from the officer and wrecked into another car. The suspect then jumped out of his car and tried to get into other cars on the road. A fight ensued after the officer chased the suspect down. The officer Tases the man and has the situation under control, but lets his guard down for a second so the man jumps up and tries to run off again. A 70-year-old man stops and tries to help the officer who is struggling with the suspect while everyone else around them just films the fight on their cell phones.

Oakwood Village Officials stated that the man then used the officers Taser against him to run away, jump into the patrol car, and escape. The officer and elderly man were both taken to the hospital for minor injuries. In the original video posted by the man who filmed it, some of the comments were praising the criminals actions.

The patrol car was recovered after it was found wrecked into a tree and the suspect has still not been identified. The stolen vehicle that the man was originally in has been linked to several armed robberies and police found a loaded gun inside of it.

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