10-26-2016 AFRICA

Ugliest Man In Africa

AFTER winning an event to find Uganda's most unusual looking man, Godfrey Baguma was thrust into the limelight for his severely deformed head. The 47-year-old cobbler from Kyanzana, Uganda, became a local celebrity for his unique looks, which lead him to have a career in African pop music. But the singer's mystery condition had never been diagnosed - and he was always fearful he may have passed it on to his eight children. And with Godfrey's health recently declining Doctor Tony Wilson - the head of medicine at Mbarara Hospital - decided to carry out tests to diagnose him. Six weeks after an MRI scan with Doctor Wilson, Godfrey received the full examination he had always hoped for. He suffers from a rare condition called Fibrodysplasia - which affects the growth and placement of his cells and tissue. With the correct medication, Godfrey's health can be managed and better still - he cannot pass the disease down to his children.

Godfrey's story is the fifth episode in the new series of Body Bizarre, which airs on Thursday 27 October at 10pm on TLC UK.

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