10-02-2016 COP

Police Shoot and Kill Another Mentally Ill Unarmed Man!

Sacramento police have released dashcam video in connection with the July 11th shooting of Joseph Mann, a 50-year old mentally ill homeless man. Police had received multiple calls indicating the man had a gun, a knife, and was acting erratically. When police arrived on scene they tried to ram him with their vehicle, but failed. They subsequently exited their vehicle and approached him. Police then demanded Joseph to drop the knife he was holding but he refused. At this moment 18 shots were fired, 14 of them hit him. Mann was then taken to a hospital for his injuries but did not survive.

Community members are now questioning whether police acted appropriately in this situation. Many are saying the two officers escalated the situation by trying to ram Mann, and had they acted more calmly they may have been able to de-escalate the situation. On the other hand - if police had successfully rammed Joseph, they may had been able to neutralize him without using lethal force.

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