09-29-2016 SHAWTY

Shawty Lo Final Moments In Atlanta with Family & Friends

Rest in peace to the King of Bankhead Shawty Lo. This video is a compilation of his last moments partying at the Blue Flame in Atlanta before his fatal crash. Featured are a few clips of his son NoigDully and a few of his daughters. He will be missed, Shawty was known for his hit singles "Dey Know", "Foolish" & "Dunn Dunn", as well as his work with hit group D4L, known for their smash singles "Laffy Taffy" & "Tatted Up". Houston's own Mike Jones was featured in the Laffy Taffy video, showing the Hip Hop industry that the South was much more unified than they had expected. He was respected in the game and continued to reside in Atlanta where he handled his business as a rapper, a friend and father. R.I.P. to a true legend.

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