09-28-2016 GIRL

Girl Caught Giving Head On The Ferris Wheel

This amorous couple have sparked outrage after being filmed performing oral sex - on a FERRIS WHEEL. The eager woman ripped off her safety belt when she thought nobody was watching as they reached the summit of the big wheel. But a passenger in the next car recorded the lady's head bobbing up down in the man's lap as he casually looks out at the San Diego County Fair in California. Shockingly, families and children were just yards away from the exhibitionist couple at the event which takes place every year. The clip sparked outrage after it was posted online and shared more than 100,000 times - with some suggesting it may have broken California's public decency laws. Nastasia Peterkin said: ''She's just humiliating and showing how little respect she has for herself. The guy doesn't care. But then again he got no respect for her or himself either.

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