07-24-2016 KILLED

Spanish Man Gets Assassinated On The Bus!

Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela - A driver and passengers of a public transport bus witnessed the murder of an oil industry worker. Near 9:00 am at the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) Molorca the unit had stopped and picked up a passenger. When they moved in front of the entrance to the neighborhood, the man pulled a gun and shot him from behind Julius Caesar Weky Freites, 34, who received bullet wounds in the back of the head. Weky Freites, who sat in the copilot's seat unit covering the Barcelona-Puerto La Cruz route Intercommunal Avenue, died immediately.

Once committed the murder, the criminal got off the bus, got on a bike where he expected a buddy and fled Molorca neighborhood. Apparently, motorized followed the bus. It was learned that the murderer could be identified in the short term, because the occurrence of the event was recorded on a video camera that had transportation.

At the scene of the event attended by detectives Corps of Scientific, Penal and Criminal Investigations (CICPC) of Barcelona, ​​who took the body of Freites the forensic hospital grounds Razetti. The victim was shot twice in the occipital region, which came out through the mouth and nose.

Militza Freites said his nephew worked at the Buenos Aires July refinery for 10 years and lived in a residence in the Gulf, in Puerto La Cruz. He was single and childless. He said Freites was a good boy and he never knew enemies. Presumably they mistook him for someone else. He knows how they spent the facts and who is the murderer.

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