07-19-2016 BLACK

Megyn Kelly vs Malik Shabazz (Former New Black Panthers Leader)

Megyn Kelly battled the National President of Black Lawyers for Justice and former New Black Panthers leader last tonight over his controversial thoughts on recent police shootings. Kelly challenged Malik Shabazz for allegedly offering sympathetic words for which he denied. Shabazz told Kelly, "Your attitude is part of the problem." He said that "white privilege" comes with the idea that "you believe that your lives are better than ours." Kelly told him that by making such "insensitive statements... it's hard to take you seriously." They kept going back and forth and Kelly frustratedly said, "So there's no reasoning with you." she asked him if he thinks white people are intrinsically evil. He said no, but "your policies and your actions are evil." Watch the entire interview above, via Fox News.

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