08-11-2016 DRUNK

Drunk White Man With His Phone Out Caught Swagger Jacking Black Lives Matter Struggle With Police

Body camera footage released by the Spokane Police Department Wednesday shows a confrontation between Sgt. Eric Kannberg and a man identified as Cory Counts. In the video a visibly intoxicated Counts is seen yelling and swearing at Sgt. Kannberg. Kannberg tries to get counts to step away and speaks with Counts, while Counts continues to act belligerent and speak with a friend on the phone. He even dares Kannberg to touch him several times

Eventually Counts slaps Sgt. Kannberg's hand away from him and walks away from the situation. He can be seen falling down as he crosses the street. Kannberg caught up to Counts and eventually arrested him for 3rd degree assault. The video is a good reminder of what Spokane officers have to deal with on a daily basis.

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