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4-Year-Old Boy Was Born Looking Like An Old Man! (Real Life Benjamin Button)

The real-life Benjamin Button: Boy, 4, looks like an old man and can't go to school 'because other children are scared of him' Bayezid Hossain has the premature ageing condition progeria Disease ages the body - but not the mind - at eight times normal rate Also has another condition causing his skin to hang loosely in folds He doesn't go to school because other children are afraid of him

A four-year-old boy resembles an 80-year-old pensioner due to an incredibly rare condition. Bayezid Hossain, from outside Magura, southern Bangladesh, suffers a swollen face, hollow eyes, sagging skin, aching joints, difficulties passing urine and already has weak and broken teeth. People in the community stay away from him and children are afraid to play with him, despite him having above average intelligence. Bayezid is believed to suffer from progeria, which ages the body at eight times the normal rate.

The disorder is said to have inspired the F Scott Fitzgerald novel and Brad Pitt movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, in which the character is born an old man and ages backwards. Progeria patients normally die from heart attacks or strokes at an average age of 13. Bayezid also has a form of cutis laxa, a rare connective tissue disorder in which the skin hangs loosely in folds. His 18-year-old mother, Tripti Khatun, says she is amazed at how clever her son is, but it breaks her heart that his appearance is so unusual.

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