07-26-2016 SNAKE

Giant Python Snake Attacks Goat!

A GROUP of villagers in India saved a goat from becoming a giant python's lunch - by beating the snake until it released its grip and fled. The incident occurred near Katarniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary, a protected area in the Upper Gangetic plain of Uttar Pradesh. During monsoon season, pythons, cobras and other garden snakes are common occurrence in the area. Locals from Bahraich district stumbled across a goat struggling for its life as it was crushed by a python. Despite the sudden attack, the goat did not give up and continued to struggle for over 40 minutes. Angry villagers were seen hurling stones and beating the python with a heavy tree branch. After one of the villagers delivered a nasty blow to the python's head, the snake relinquished its grasp, allowing the goat to scamper away as the python slithered into nearby bushes.

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