04-21-2016 BULLY

Watch Jack Move! Bullied Boy Expresses Himself Thru Hip Hop/Ballet Dancing Instead Of Hating On Social Media

a huge problem for many kids across the world is bullying. Kids are scared to go to school for fear of being tormented, ridiculed and castrated all because of their looks, mannerisms, how they dress or whatever. Bullying is so widespread I'm sure you can pinpoint a time where you was a victim of haters or witnessed it first hand. Having positive outlets for people who need to express their true feelings thru words or some other talent is highly needed in a world full of haters and bullies. 14-yera-old Jack Higgins dream is to become a professional dancer. Because of this he's been ridiculed and constantly mocked for it. His classmates tell him only girls should dance and make him feel bad for not playing sports. Jack has stayed strong thru it all and maintained his composure to pursue his dream. He took the stage at Britian's Got Talent to show the world his amazing abilities. What makes this video even more special is Jack's ability to express his pain and mistreatment and how it hurts him instead of bottling it up all in. In order to heal you must reveal. A lot of people are still in the closet when it comes to expressing their true feelings mainly out of fear of ridicule, being left out of the bandwagon or whatever. Take a lesson from Jack's moves and hopefully they can inspire you to be a better person and treat others with kindness. -Pheonix

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