04-18-2016 POLICE

Man Arrested After REFUSING Police Entry To Home Without Warrant!

BALTIMORE-- A Baltimore man was arrested Saturday on charges of disorderly conduct after refusing to let officers in a residence.

"So, he tryin to come in with us, so we tell him you ain't go no search warrant or nothing to come in the house, so how are you gonna try to come in?" asked Antonio McLaurin, who shot video of the exchange and arrest. "And, the white police officer, he just got out of the car--ain't ask nothing, ain't say nothing--just stepped in and grabbed my homeboy out of the house, grabbed him by the neck and slung him over that way."
" India Epps' son was ultimately arrested. She says they released him Sunday without charging him.

"When I saw the video, it was quite--it was heartbreaking," Epps said. "I was rattled. I was startled. And, although we see this daily, it's almost as though police brutality is becoming the norm." 

Baltimore Police Director of Media Relations T.J. Smith issued the following statement Sunday night regarding the arrest:

 "We have received calls from the community about issues surrounding activity in this home. The officer observed a person knocking on a door and then window and then trying to get into the home through the window. He approached the home in an attempt to speak with the leaseholder. Ultimately, an arrest was made for disorderly conduct on an adult male. We are investigating the incident."

The ACLU of Maryland says the men in the video appear to be within their rights to refuse entry to their home.

"If they don't want police in their house, then they shouldn't let the police in their house, and they shouldn't let the police intimidate them into letting them into their house," ACLU of Maryland Senior Staff Attorney David Rocah said. "What's troubling with this video is the people seem to be exercising their rights, and the arrest seems to be for them exercising their rights."

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