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Bootleg Soulja Boy Gets Charged With Murder Right While His Song Started Getting Popular

A dispute over a poster advertising a party led to a shooting that left one man dead and three others in custody, the city's police chief said Wednesday. Richard Devon Phillips, 20, was killed Tuesday night and three men, including the suspected shooter, were arrested Wednesday, Baker Police Chief Mike Knaps said at a news conference. MacArthur Johnson, 19, of 740 S. 17th St., Baton Rouge, was booked into Parish Prison on a count of second-degree murder in Phillips' death, Knaps said.

The shooting occurred outside a small grocery store in the 3300 block of Baker Boulevard near West Azalea Avenue. Investigators believe the shooting stemmed from a dispute between Phillips and Johnson and his brother over a poster advertising a party, the chief said. He did not provide details of why the three were at odds over the poster, but said several of those involved in the incident were rappers and may have been performing at the party.

Johnson maintains several highly popular social network profiles, including his Instagram account under the username "GirlHeFunny" and profile name "Growing up Black", which has over 90,000 followers. His Twitter account of the same name has over 26,000 followers.

Earlier Tuesday night, Johnson confronted Phillips over possible "violent encounters" occurring between Phillips and Johnson's brother, the report says, but witnesses told police everything seemed settled after the two shook hands and agreed that nothing more than a fistfight might happen.

But when Johnson and Phillips saw each other outside the grocery store just before 10 p.m. Tuesday, things apparently heated up again. Phillips felt uncomfortable about comments Johnson made and walked over to a vehicle Johnson was sitting in to speak with him, Knaps said. The chief said investigators believe Phillips wanted to make sure "things were still cool" and settle any kind of issue.

Surveillance video shows Phillips walked up to the passenger's side of the car in the store's parking lot, Knaps said. A second after Phillips leaned toward the vehicle, two shots shattered the window and struck Phillips in the chest, Knaps said.

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