04-10-2016 JUDGE

Judge Orders Cop To TASER Peaceful Defendant In Court!

A former Maryland judge (Robert C. Nalley) who pleaded guilty to a civil rights violation for ordering a defendant to be physically shocked in his courtroom will have to take anger-management classes as part of his sentence.

Nalley ordered the shock during jury selection after the defendant, who was representing himself in a criminal trial, objected to Nalley's authority to conduct the proceedings. After the man repeatedly ignored Nalley's questions and his commands to stop speaking, Nalley told the deputy sheriff to activate the "stun-cuff." 

"Do it. Use it," Nalley said, according to the plea deal's statement of facts.

The defendant stopped speaking when the deputy sheriff approached him and activated the device, which administered an electric shock for about five seconds. 

Nalley was a judge in Charles County from 1988 to September 2014. The Maryland Court of Appeals rescinded Nalley's ability to hear cases several months after the incident.

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