04-08-2016 DRIVER

Driver Does Doughnuts On Street During LA Police Chase

A driver wanted for a burglary in Los Angeles led authorities on a chase for more than an hour from the San Gabriel Valley to South L.A., through downtown and into Hollywood, where the motorist did doughnuts of rainy surface streets Thursday afternoon. 

The chase was taking place on the westbound 10 Freeway just before 2 p.m., but soon worked its was onto surface streets in South Los Angeles, the vehicle sped through neighborhoods and then onto the northbound 110 Freeway. Squeezing by traffic on the shoulders, the car headed onto the northbound 101 Freeway, exiting at Hollywood Boulevard. In Hollywood, with the top down, the convertible did doughnuts in the street before heading into the winding roads of the Hollywood Hills.

 The vehicle appeared to be a dark blue Ford Mustang with a black top. At some point while in Hollywood, one of its front tires went flat.

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