04-04-2016 POLICE

Man Gets Yanked Out His Car, Tased TWICE, Pepper Sprayed AND Arrested For Playing His Music Too Loud!

Let this be a lesson on proper police etiquette and how you should handle yourself if you ever get pulled over on what you may consider frivolous or triflingly trivial charges. This occurred in Blytheville, Arkansas on Easter Sunday. The NAACP wants a Blytheville officer disciplined after this body cam video was released. According to new, "Blytheville police approached Patrick Newbern in the parking lot of Lucky's Store on South Division Street after receiving complaints of a car playing loud music. 

Body camera footage shows Newbern trying to drive away from the parking lot as the officer was getting ready to issue him a citation. Officers followed Newbern and forcibly removed him from the driver's side of the car. 

According to a Blytheville police report, Newbern was tased twice and sprayed with a chemical agent during his arrest. Newbern was charged with a violation of the city noise ordinance, fleeing by vehicle and resisting arrest."

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