04-02-2016 SHOOT

Man Killed After Bulletproof Vest Stunt Video GOES WRONG! (Shooter Only Gets 4 Years)

BALTIMORE -- A bizarre shooting game among friends went terribly wrong -- the killing was caught on camera. A judge sentenced the gunman last week and now prosecutors have released the shooting video. Darnell Mitchell strapped on a bulletproof vest and told his friend Mark Ramiro to shoot him in the chest. Another friend used a camera to record everything, hoping the video would go viral online. But instead, Ramiro aimed too high: a bullet hit Mitchell in his upper chest, killing him. It happened July 2014 in the basement of a rowhouse on Cedley Street. Last week, a judge sentenced Ramiro to four years in prison for the fatal stunt, following a guilty plea to second-degree murder last year. It's a shooting that's still resonating among neighbors on the block where it happened. "Honestly, I think the four years should be served," said Taiwan Harris. "It was an accident, even though it was a stupid mistake," said Harris. Ramiro's attorney wanted his client to be spared jail because he says he's suffered enough, but prosecutors say a message needed to be sent to people who post reckless videos online.

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