03-30-2016 11

Eleven-Year-Old Lemonade Entrepreneur Lands Multi-Million Dollar Deal With Whole Foods

An 11-year-old girl from Texas has impressively built a successful business with her special homemade lemonade while saving endangered honey bees in the process. Mikaila Ulmer, the brilliant kid creator of BeeSweet Lemonade who calls herself a "bee ambassador," has recently landed a multi-million deal with Whole Foods enabling her to distribute her product to the retail giant's 55 stores nationwide, NBC reported.

"I work on the business after school, after I do my homework, and on weekends and during spring breaks," Ulmer told NBC. "There are not too many times when I feel stressed."

But Ulmer didn't always like bees. According to the company's website, the young entrepreneur got her inspiration after she was stung by a bee twice when she was 4 years old. This experience led her to research more about the bees and later fall in love with the flying insects.

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