02-02-2016 BANDWAGON

16 Ways To Spot a BANDWAGON Sports Fan

Loyalty is something most revered but rarely ascertained by fledgling novices. Most just follow the mainstream. The road already paved, its easy and less trouble and let down. The risk takers are the ones who stand behind a team even when they're down and it doesn't look like they will ever have a shot of championship success. Loyal fans are the one who were there when things are at its lowest, at the bottom. Loyal and dedicated are qualities that take a keen sense of vision and willpower. Unfortunately loyalty is a virtue most people can't understand let alone grasp. Flip flopping from team to team hoping they find one that works for them. Bandwagons are people who act like they don't see a team or they weren't fans of team because they use to sleeping on things until they start winning then they act like they been down since day one. Bandwagon fans are not just in sports but exist in all walks of life. People jump on bandwagons for fame, for a false sense of belonging or not feeling left out of some mystery pot. Bandwagon fans are the ones who think they know it all about a team but just realized who they were only recently. Youtube 'Total Pro Sports' lists 16 ways you can identify a bandwagon sports fan. posted by KC Phoenix written by KC Phoenix

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