02-01-2016 WIZ

Wiz Khalifa's Gold Watch Gets Stolen By Grimey Kanye West Fan In Brazil!

Wiz Khalifa and Kanye West are going thru some twitter beef right now but these fans are getting way out of control. While doing a show in Sao Paulo, Brazil a fan is caught stealing Wiz Khalifa's gold rolex watch valued at over $100,000 dollars. Was the fake Wiz Khalifa fan really a Kanye West fan out for justice? Did Wiz get his watch back or did he charge it to the game. Fake fans are now trolling thru artists feeds and attending shows just to pull a rapper off stage or steal a pricey watch or chain is getting out of control. Are these REAl fans, is the era of real true fans over and now fans just want their shine, literally? Hopefully their beef stays on social media and in the studio and doesn't get anyone in any trouble. posted by KC Phoenix written by KC Phoenix

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