02-01-2016 COPS

Drug Dealing Biker Throws His Loud Pack In The Bushes Right In Front Of Police (Guess What Happens NEXT?!!!)

Drug dealing is a crime as we all know. Its a tough hustle, you have to worry about getting your stash lost, stolen or confiscated by the police. Dealers have to come up with some ingenius ways to avoid getting caught by the police. When they do get caught lying is usually the next decision from a majority of assailants. Sometimes the lie can be so apparent and silly that you just have to laugh.

Sergeant Andrew Fincher of the Atlanta police department spotted a suspicious person riding a bike. He didn't want to use a vehicle because of the odor his loud pack (marijuana) would of resonated in the car if he would get pulled over by the police. He decides to ride his bike. He wears a helmet to abide by safety and not have a reason to get pulled over but he just didn't think it all the way out. His bike lacked proper head lights to be riding at night and to make matters worse he was riding on the wrong side of the road. Sgt. Fincer makes contact with the biker who appears to be very nervous which is another red flag the officer notices. While the cop gets in his car to check his record, the assailant throws into the air what appears to be a pack of marijuana. The suspect with great shock does not understand why he's being arrested and acts as if he's the victim. He denies he threw anything in the air. Finally he admits that its his and then he dry snitches on himself to reveal he has more in his sock. Check out this hilarious video to get an idea of what cops go thru on a daily basis. posted by KC Phoenix written by KC Phoenix

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